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Please be sure and read our Terms.


For your safety - some email programs block pictures and attachments and rightly so, because they can be used to transmit malicious viruses. We do not send any images, but rather the images remain on our Server and we ask people to come and have a look at the Page containing our images. When you send someone a link they can cut and paste (advisable to do this) the link into their Browser to view the image.


We use the "Send URL" script rather than an ecard program because there is more flexibility and less likelihood of problems arising. A lot of people have become mistrustful of some ecard programs and let's face it, the pop-ups and gathering of information is very annoying at times.


We don't have any annoying advertising, data mining or survey pop-ups. You will see  information about our page when you hover over a link. 


We do not gather or store any of your details. We never even see them; it's your email program, remember.


We do record IP addresses in our statistics. We have no choice as this is how our Server is set up. We don't crunch numbers but we do block robots and IP addresses if we suspect they are malicious or are deserving of being taken behind the woodshed for a good whoopin'. We report spam.


 So, if you do come across anything untoward, you can rest assured it did not come from us and we would appreciate you letting us know about it. We will promptly deal with any mischief.


We'd love you to share what we do but please know that forwarding on of emails may be dangerous and you could pick up a virus along the way. Forwarding of emails may also be illegal in some countries and may even be regarded as spam. We strongly advise you to keep your computer's security programs up-to-date and run them often.


Having said that, we'd love you to share what we do with your friends, family and colleagues. Please Bookmark us and think of us every  time you have a special occasion or even if you are just writing to say "Hi", or if there is some special image we have that "says it all". Time taken to brighten someone's day is always time well spent - and it will make you feel good too!


Caring and sharing - that's what it is all about and if we do nothing else than get people communicating again then we will be very, very happy. And, we will always try to do it in a "nice" way. The only advertising you will find on our Site is for our own products. We are an exclusive group of Authors and Artists and we love sharing what we do.


You can personalise your email by changing the subject line if you wish; but please... we do ask that you do not remove our link from your email because we have all worked very hard for this Site and we hope we can share it with as many people as possible.


It's your email - you can say as much as you like; it is entirely private and you administer it all yourself without any intervention whatsoever.


Birthday, Anniversary, Celebration, Engagement, Wedding, Inspiration, Australiana, Friendship, Animals, Love, Funny, A little Bit Country, Huggles and Wuzzy Stuff, Good Books, Flowers, Nature, Art, Kids.... We'll add more as we have time.


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